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Download DBQ :

The latest DBQ Release 6.4 is available as of 01/13/2011 for all Stratus platforms: CONT8000, CONTINUUM7100 & V-Series.

DBQ consists of 2 compressed files: dbqrun.ftp & dbqnnnn.ftp. where nnnn is replaced by cont, cont8 or ia32 ( V series) for the appropriate platform. The dbqrun file contains all the files required for the installation of DBQ except for the program modules (pm), these are contained in the dbqnnnn file. In order to install DBQ on your Stratus you need to download the 2 files: dbqrun.ftp & dbqcont.ftp OR dbqcont8.ftp OR dbqia32.ftp. Download these files to a directory called DBQ (or any other name you prefer), unbundle them, using utility and run the command macro.

Note: Make sure you set your FTP to BINARY before you download the files. If you download to a PC and later FTP from the PC to the Stratus, make sure you set the transfer mode to BINARY in FTP, or if you use pc_file_transfer, set it's parameters to:-no_text_file and -file_format fixed.

The DBQ files were saved & compressed using the Stratus Compression Utility ( If you are not familiar with this utility, you should check Stratus FTP Site.


DBQ Manual
LATEST changes in DBQ
Download dbqrun.ftp (all DBQ files except pms, independent of your CPU and VOS version)
Download the pm files (depending on your CPU): CONT,CONT8000, V-Series