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CRT for STRATUS & Absolute FTP for STRATUS:

CRT for STRATUS, our new windows terminal emulator for Stratus and Absolute FTP for STRATUS, our new FTP program for Stratus are available for free evaluation as of 7/1/99.

In order to install CRT for STRATUS, you need to have the unbundle software (see below) installed on your Stratus computer and you need to obtain a temporary license key. This key should have been e-mailed to you as a result of filling the evaluation agreement form. If you don't have a valid key, please contact us.

Installation instructions for CRT for STRATUS

Download CRT for STRATUS.
Execute the ntcrt24.exe program.
Install the unbundle programs (see below)
FTP the file crt.ftp (included in ntcrt24.exe) from the PC crt directory to the Stratus
    Note: Make sure that the FTP is done in BINARY mode
Unbundle crt.ftp
Place the CRT temporary license key ("sps_profile") in the same directory as the unbundled crt.ftp
Execute the program
    Note: There are 3 versions of this program for each different platform:
    CISC - 68k
    RISC - 860
    Continuum - 7100
Start CRT and set the terminal type to SoftTerm.


Make sure you set your FTP to BINARY before you download the files. If you download to a PC and later FTP from the PC to the Stratus, make sure you set the transfer mode to BINARY in FTP, or if you use pc_file_transfer, set it's parameters to:-no_text_file and -file_format fixed.

The crt.ftp file was saved & compressed using the Stratus Compression Utility ( If you are not familiar with this utility, you should check Stratus FTP Site, or look at Application Resources, Inc. FTP site which contains a copy of the Stratus files.

The usage instructions for the "unbundle"ing of the Stratus files are here:
Stratus-readme.txt Stratus-update.txt
Download CRT for STRATUS Download Absolute FTP for STRATUS
Copyright (c) 2007 Application Resources, Inc.